Traffic Light Eating

When you fill your car up at the gas station, you wouldn't think about putting water in your tank would you? Or, would you fill your gas tank with five gallons of soda? You don't need to be a mechanic or an expert to understand a vehicle needs gasoline to properly perform.

Just like a car, your body needs specialized fuel to run well. Your body receives fuel from the nutrients in the food you eat. Nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are the body's main fuels that help you think, function, and live.

Traffic Light Eating: Green, Yellow, Red Groups

We usually learn about nutrition from tv, news, ads, doctor's offices, friends and family. Often there is varying information that you hear. How do you know what is right? Something you hear today might be different from what you were taught six months ago.

Just like when you are driving, the traffic light tells you what to do:

Green means "Go!" Yellow tells us to "Slow Down!"

Red means "Stop and Think!"

Select foods that are brightly colored, grown in the ground and can typically be eaten raw.

Green Light Foods

"Go and grow" foods. Eat as many as you want, great for growing kids!

Grown in ground.

Not manufactured

Low in Calories

High in Nutrients

Very Colorful

Can usually be eaten raw.

All fruits

All Vegetables.

Slow down on the crummy carbohydrates!

Yellow Light Foods

"Slow down" foods are ok to have every day if you don't eat too much.

Have more calories than Green Light foods.

Have more fat or sugar than Green Light foods.

Pasta, Rice, Bread, Tortillas (Choose Whole Grains)


Lean Red Meat



Olive oil

Organic when possible Soy


Low-fat cheese

Greek yogurt

Should you really be eating fried or fast foods?

Red Light Foods

food you should "stop and think" about.

Consider making a different choice.

Consider smaller portions.

Lower in nutrients

Higher in calories

Contain artificial sweeteners

Contain hydrogentated oils or trans-fat

High in fat

High in Sugar



Frozen yogurt

Fatty meats


White bread/rice


Sugary beverages - soda, juice drinks

Processed meats

"Special occasion foods".

Traffic Light eating is simple to understand. This is something great for all of us to follow as a guideline. The choices you make today impact your health tomorrow. Traffic light eating is something shared in Dr. Sears Health Classes shared by Nikki Scheidecker, Certified Health Coach. It is one of the simplest and best ways to eat healthy.

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