Too busy to Meditate.

Life is too busy to take time out to sit in stillness, and not do anything. Who has the time? Meditation takes hours or does it? There are so many misconceptions surrounding the principle of meditation.

Are you able to enjoy the quiet? Do you find your mind races, or are you able to sit with your thoughts in silence? The art of meditation is something that takes practice. Discovering the way you meditate best is an adventure. An adventure that requires time, effort, and experimentation.

Some Misconceptions surrounding meditation are:

OM OM OM OM it isn't the same for everyone.

1. It is the same for everyone. Meditation is often portrayed or described as time spent sitting in silence, cross legged, eyes closed, repeating a sound or thought. Each person has his or her own experience. One persons blue is another persons purple. Find what it is that brings peace to your being. Your unique BEing requires unique meditation. Experiment with different techniques until you find what feels right to you.

2. It's all about being still and quiet. It doesn't have to be. Activities can be meditative. Some of the best times of meditation I have experienced is during drum circle when the drum beat is in sync. Another meditation time for me, is when I am working on a craft project. Whether I am beading jewelry, or crocheting a blanket, the joy experienced in stillness during creation is unmatched. Discover for you what works best to achieve stillness and peace in your life.

3. You have to be able to “empty the mind." Finding stillness in this world that is demanding of our attention can be difficult. Emptying the mind is not necessarily the intention of meditation. Focusing on an intention, one specific thought, feeling, or action can be very meditative.

4. Meditation will put you at ease from day one. So not true! It can be difficult! We live in a world that demands attention almost constantly. Meditation needs to be practiced. It takes time to learn to accept and create the stillness in your mind.

5. We know all there is to know about the benefits. New benefits are being discovered with every meditation. The only way to know what it can do for you is to try it! We are learning more and more about the benefits to meditating consistently. Some of the know benefits are: lowering blood pressure, sleeping better, decreasing anxiety, faster healing, lowered cholesterol, stronger immune response, decreased desire for use of drugs and alcohol.

Training attention and awareness to find peace can be life changing. Remember it is a practice that needs to be done regularly to become efficient and effective.

Be gentle with yourself.

Discover what works.

Allow yourself to learn.

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