Snow Moon Drum Circle

“The heaviest month of being. We drag along, the whisper of bones on snow, the crackshot of icy branches snapping as if the trees have given in to the gun. How long do we tunnel the light, the burning white of ground and sky? Your prints remind me I am not alone. In the darkest hours I dream of you, Wolf – the rifle in the closet.” – Camille-Yevette Welsch

The February full moon is referred to as the Snow Moon. It is called the Snow Moon as February is considered the snowiest month of the year. Some Native American tribes call the full moon the Hunger Moon as the food sources are scarce due to all the snow on the ground.

To me, the above poem shows how even though during winter time and the excessive snow life can be hard and stressful, we are not alone.

Whether the prints next to you are those of your higher power or your tribe (community) you are not alone, and someone is always with you in your hardest times.

It is my goal that our Full Moon Drum Circles encompasses a community in which you feel safe and know that there are individuals here for you during your hard times as well as the great times.

Each month’s Full Moon Drum Circle, as I am preparing for our sacred circle, I will be setting intentions for the circle as a group. Generally, the group intention corresponds with the meaning of that month’s full moon.

During the circle, you will be given the opportunity to set individual intentions as you see fit.

Please respond to this blog with any ideas of intentions you would like to see for a group intention.

- Jay “The Drumming Guy”

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