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“Drum therapy is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. From the shamans of Mongolia to the Mienianka healers of West Africa, therapeutic rhythm techniques have been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health.” – Michael Drake

Healing comes through drumming and vibrations that resonate in alignment to the true nature of our earth make a huge impact in stress reduction. There are so many stresses we are faced with every day, taking a little time to get back to our roots, helps us escape and evaluate the important things in life.

Studies have shown drumming to be beneficial in reducing stress, increasing creativity, and improving the immune system. Just as drumming promotes healing and self-expression, full moon ceremonies are a powerful way to improve healing within self or a group by simply coming together to form a sacred circle. Drum Circles create unique connections in our communities, weaving a web of interconnectedness of positivity can create a ripple that impacts every aspect of life.

Referred to as the “Super Blood Wolf Moon”, the first full moon in January 2019 is going to be incredibly powerful. There are several events taking place in our universe. The Super Moon reference is due to the moon’s orbit being the closest to the earth. When the full moon is closest to the earth, the energy is very strong and can bring about positive changes in one’s life. In order to get the most healing properties of the Super Moon, one should stay longer under the moon light. This is significant to why we conduct our full moon drum circles under the moon light in order to absorb as much as possible of the healing power.

Native Americans have referred to the first full moon of the year as the Wolf Moon referencing the howling of the winter wolf packs. Native Americans witnessed packs of wolves howling outside of villages during wintertime because they were hungry. Wolves are very vocal and resourceful, they communicate with the pack through their howling. They make communication with their own “pack” as a priority. The frigid weather and elements are a sign that only the strong survive. As with wolves, we need to examine our own life and our weaknesses in order to see the opportunities we need to grow. Coming together in circle, helps our pack to connect and grow.

It also has its name of Blood Moon as teh alignment of the sun, earth, and moon will cast a red hue to the moon. If that weren't enough going on, there will be a full lunar eclipse taking place during this time too!

A full moon in itself is a good time for letting go of something you no longer need. When you combine the energy of a full moon and a lunar eclipse, it becomes an extremely powerful time in order to start over and set new intentions for the coming months. This “Super Blood Wolf Moon” gives us an opportunity together to start the year off with a fresh start and set new intentions for our growth.

This drum circle is a sacred place to play. Join a group of people setting positive intentions for our selves, and our community. Regardless of your drumming experience or your “lack of rhythm”, you are invited to join us for our Full Moon Drum circle on Monday, January 21, 2019. 7-9pm $10 per person.

Jay Scheidecker, Arizona native, has a desire to help people reconnect to health through sound. He has been a Drum Circle Facilitator since 2016. Working with drumming has helped him to experience positive changes in life. He believes, in addition to relieving stress, Spiritual growth happens through the rhythms and vibrations that resonate within our beings. Drumming has propelled him forward on his Spiritual path, and he is dedicated to continuing learning and growing with drumming and sound healing in order to make a positive impact within himself as well as in our community.

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