Be: Selfish

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

You read that correctly. BE: Selfish. Go on. It's ok. Do it. Do it today. Do it right now!

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Completely for yourself? Maybe even selfishly for yourself?

Selfish may not necessarily be the best word to use, but many of us feel that taking time to do the things we need to do to help keep us feeling like ourselves is just that. Selfish.

In all reality, self care is not selfish. It is the best thing that can be done to help maintain some sense of sanity. Self care is a necessity to health and well being.

There was a study conducted with 64,310 Americans in 2003-2007 to learn about the amount of time people spend on health related self care. The study discovered: "Time spent on health-related self-care is disproportionately distributed across the population, with a larger amount of time reported by those in poor health (3.6 hours/week) and the nonworking disabled (3.2 hours/week)." To read more about this study:

This led me to ponder; why is it that it takes becoming afflicted by something before we take time to care for ourselves? The conditioning of our society has led us to believe that self care is selfish, and only once we succumb to disease may we take care of ourselves. This is so backwards folks!

Lets change our way of looking at self care.

Who is with me?

Who wants to learn more

about how to make this change before it is too late.

Sickcare in America is not where we want to be! Take a walk (ITS FREE), eat some fruits and veggies ( ) , get a massage ( ), do some breath work, there are lots of tools available.

It takes making YOU a PRIORITY. Only YOU can do this.

Here are a few of my personal self care favorites:

Trekking poles - makes hiking more comfortable and provides stability. Sleep mask - darkness is amazing for sleep. I never knew I needed this until I tried one!

Yogi Teas - my favorites are Honey Lavender Stress Relief & Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy

Dr. Teals Epsom Salt Soaks - Taking a bath is a great way to rejuvinate a sore, overworked body.

Body Back Buddy - Because you can't get a massage every day, help ease trigger points

Spikey Massage Ball - relieve tired feet!

Remember - we need to change the statistics. Self care is NOT selfish.

It takes making YOU a PRIORITY. Only YOU can do this.

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