NIKKI SCHEIDECKER, Licensed Massage Therapist

I enjoy custom tailoring massage therapy to facilitate healing. My massages utilize a combination of techniques as I listen to your body’s suggestions and cues. Transformation, inspiration and education are three things that I am the most passionate about. I began my conscious journey to healthy living in 2003 when I entered the world of Massage Therapy.  I have a desire to inspire.   Bodywork summons a unique creativity that lies buried deep within self to heal.



JAY SCHEIDECKER, Sound Conservator

I'm a true Arizona native, with a desire to help people reconnect to health through sound. I've been a Drum Circle Facilitator since 2016. Working with drumming has helped me experience positive changes in life. I believe, in addition to relieving stress, Spiritual growth happens through the rhythms and vibrations that resonate within our beings. Drumming has propelled me forward on my Spiritual path, I  am dedicated to continuing learning and growing with drumming and sound healing in order to make a positive impact within myself, as well as in our community.


Many people say they want to get out of pain, and I'm sure that's true, but are they willing to consistently take the steps, and make healing a high priority?  In order to truly see the source of pain, one must look deep inside and face it. 


~Nikki Scheidecker, LMT

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