Live YOUR Be

Each of us has a be for us to live.

What does that BE look like for you?

Who are you as a Human BEing?


The goal at Be Therapeutics LLC is to help your body balance, restore homeostasis through Integrative Intuitive Massage and other Therapeutic Arts.


We have a variety of services that may be of interest to you beyond massage and bodywork. Each of the services we provide help you to get a bit closer to the you – you were meant to BE.

At Be Therapeutics, no two sessions will be alike. We take pride in approaching each of your visits as if it were your first.  Providing a safe, honoring and compassionate space to invite you to breathe, relax and allow the natural process of healing.

We ask each of our clients continually be up front and have open communication so we can provide you with the therapeutic work your body is asking for.

Let us help you get back to basics, to live a life with more movement, energized to face tomorrow.


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